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Thursday, April 24, 2014

1st Spring garden tour of 2014, part1

It's spring and this is the first spring garden tour so get your walking shoes on. We might get muddy out there!

I went down to the shade garden since I hadn't been down there since before winter came. There I found good things and a few bad things.

I found a few daffies blooming. All yellow ones....

White ones with a bit of palest yellow...

Teeny-tiny ones called narrissus tete-tete....

And some all mixed up. I should dig up and divide them later this year. Let's see if I have a chance and if I remember!

Ah...what I came in search of...

My helleborus are blooming! Like usual they were shy. 

Look up and smile for the camera!

Come back tomorrow for part 2.

Photo credit: Glory Lennon

©2014 Glory Lennon All Rights Reserved


  1. Loved the meander, anytime you want to take me garden walking, rain, hail or shine I will be up for it.

    1. It's my favorite thing to do. So glad you could join me! :)

  2. My daffodils just started blooming. Only one crocus made it though. I love spring blooms.

    1. Only one??? Crocus are so hardy this seems impossible. At least the daffies are coming to say hello. Such friendly flowers!

  3. Hooray your back. I missed you. Got all our veggies in the ground for summer. The trees are about 3/4 of the way towards full bloom for the summer. Getting ready to plant 2400 plugs of Zoysia grass. I am getting to old to spend 4-5 hours a week cutting the grass all summer.

  4. Hello, Danny-boy! I'm sorry I was gone for so long, but that pesky making-a-living-thing got in the way. I'll try to post a few times each month. Glad you're still out there! :)


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