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Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring garden tour part 2

And so our walk continues...

But like I said yesterday, not everything was good in the shade garden. Winter can do a number on plants and here is proof. A fallen branch right on what is supposed to be a path. We'll chip that branch and make it part of the path so no worries.

Ah, the honeysuckle shrub is leafing out.

Another casualty, although technically not in the shade garden...a downed birch tree which had seen better days. It was on borrowed time for a few years now. They only live to be tops 30 and we've been at this place for about 19 years when it was already fully grown's lucky it lasted this long! It may be the last one standing....not so standing anymore I guess.

On the way up from the shade garden to the side tree field I spotted the forsythia only beginning to bud. Over in Milford just 30 miles away they are in full bloom right now. Amazing the difference a mountain climate can make on a garden.

What is this I see? Yes, the Star magnolias are beginning to bloom! Oh, what a sight to see.

They look lovely against that blue-blue sky....

 and even up close...


Poor little weeping willow! Now it surely has something to weep about! But I don't worry too much. Willows are resilient and will be all right ....eventually.

Ooh, columbine is coming up now here and...

 Here closer to the house. And what should I see in the front semi-circle garden...

Peonies popping out! I better get a wire basket over that so the blooms stay erect and don't droop as they did last year.

Hope you enjoyed my first spring garden tour of 2014. I know I did!

Photo credit: Glory Lennon

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  1. What a nice way to spend some of Sat. afternooon, wandering in your garden. Love your magnolia, have no hope of growing them here. Will enjoy my next wander when it comes.


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