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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fun and Games and traveling too

So... take a guess where we were last week.

No fair peeking!

Yes, we were in Florida, specifically Orlando, but before that we went to Gainsville. Tom had work there.

But when the work was done, we met Tom's mom, Mary, and brother Richard with his wife Marie, and niece Candice for a bit of fun at Sea World.

We saw Shamu and her baby...

We saw these lovely Flamingos...

We saw this hungry sea lion...or is that a seal? Never can tell the different...and boy, was he making a loud racket! We told him the sign said feeding time was 4pm and he had to wait another hour, but he didn't believe us.

We saw some feathered friends too...

And here is me with a dolphin...tell the truth, which one of us has the cuter smile? ;)

And here is my favorite...anemone! I just like saying anemone...don't ask me why!  


  1. my vote goes for Glory having the cutest smile.

  2. If I can't venture out today, you have given me a nice outing looking at your pics.


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