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Monday, June 9, 2014

Everything popping at once

It never fails. I leave home for a few days and the arden seems to explode and flowers pop out all at once.

But before I get to the garden, I'll tell you where I was for the last few days. From Wednesday June 4 through Saturday, Justin and I were in Penn State at the Special Olympics Summer games.

Justin's aquatics team--eight of them in all, two girls Sian and Nicole and six boys, John, Joe, James, Matt and Nathan plus Justin, of course-- had a very sucessful four days and a great time, seeing old friends and  meeting again and competing with a few nemesis, too.

This was Juatin's third time going to the summer games, but it was the first time I went as a coach/chaparone.

Justin got a bronze metal--third place, in case you didnt know-- for the 50m freestyle. This was his last event of the week and the one with the most competition. He did well was a very close race!

Justin went up against the same couple of guys as last year doing the 100m freestyle. Last time he won bronze, but oddly enough, he won gold this time! The two guys were shocked, but Justin was merely happy as always. He won by a full body length--about 6 feet which was awesome! That means he improved a lot---or the other two guys were slacking? It didn't seem like it. They each gave their all and it was relatively close at the beginning but Justin is that steady guppy who never slows down and he pulled away after the second lap and won handily. YAY!

Justin was new to the 200m freestyle this year...we practiced this a lot at the practice pool, so he was ready for it, but this was the first time he did it at States, and he got gold! Boy, were we thrilled for him! What an excellecnt acheivement!

The first event was the 4 x 50m relay with his three teammates Joe, John, Sian--the only girl, in this all-boys club, yeah, baby!-- and Justin. They had to swim the length of the pool twice and the next swimmer goes hence the name 4 x 50m relay. Well, this team did awesome! They got silver--2nd place and they were thrilled as were we, the coaches, Sue Ann, Connie and Karin.

We thought it was so nice that uniformed men from the military did the honors and handed out the metals.

All in all a fun time was had by all. They are all ready for a break from all their hard training but they are all looking forward to next year.

Way to go, guys and gals!

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  1. Hooray, Justin's a hero. Takes a lot of training and determination to compete and win. I can guarantee you the military members where tickled pink to hand out the medals. I know I would have been.

    1. They certainly were all smiles and shook hands with each winner. They were wonderful and looked cool as cucumbers even in the blazing heat...nearly 90 on the last day!


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