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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I love this time of year because…

I love this time of year because…

#1. New flowers are constantly bursting into bloom almost every day.

#2. It’s so nice to step out of the house without bundles of clothes on.

#3. The floral scents surrounding the house are wonderful!
#4. People are friendlier, cuz they can linger about and chat and they don’t have to hide from the cold inside their homes!

#5. Sunshine makes me happy. ~Channeling John Denver~
#6. When it does rain, you can still stand outside and let it fall on you without the stuff freezing you to the bone.
#7. I get to wear sundresses, skimpy t-shirts and shorts.

#8. I get to see bees buzzing, birds twittering and butterflies fluttering about.
#9. Love the gray hills turning brilliant green.

#10. I feel alive, well and energized when the sun shines on me.


  1. Where's the photos of the skimpy t-shirts and shorts?

    1. LOL, I knew some smart-ass would ask! :)

  2. Ah. Someone beat me to the smart ass question.

    1. LOL you guys are too funny...and predictable! ;)


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