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Friday, July 11, 2014

Losing it

Yes, it's official, I'm losing being my memory...which wasn't great to begin with!

I can't remember what this flower is called so if any of you know, do please tell me. It's driving me nuts! 

It's a pretty plant whose flowers nod downward so I have to get down even closer to the ground than I usually am to see the flowers. I even point the camera upwards from below to catch the sky. Makes it look much taller that way too...I ought to try that trick on me!

It stands about 2-3 feet high, half a Glory for those of you who have converted to that most useful --albeit confusing--of measuring systems. You see it here tangled up with an azalea. The leaves are close to the ground and look like daylily leaves, long and sword-like. It's a bulb, I know that much, but it doesn't seem to spread too much.

Any clues?


Whacha think?