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Sunday, January 10, 2016

A blog post so personal it may never see the light of day

That's right, I have something I wish to say, or rather write, which is me anyway. Now, I may write this all out just to get it out of my system with the intention of posting it here, but it may just be that at the last minute I chicken out and don't post it at all, or if I do I may delete it at any moment and take it out of pubic view.

Why? Because it is extremely personal to me and points an accusatory finger at someone whose whereabouts I know nothing of. It could cause trouble within my family as well, because said person is related to some of my own relatives--in our family that is way too close for comfort and is tantamount to airing dirty laundry, something I rarely do. I'm hoping no one in my family is still reading this blog—a good bet as most are either too lazy to read anything more stressing than a fashion magazine or they don't have a passion for gardening which is what this blog is supposed to be for and for the most part has been at least until now. It's a good bet this won't be seen at all, as the blog is virtually out of commission or has been for nearly a year.

Okay, that being said, now I need to go back to why I feel so compelled to write about something which makes my heart beat a might too fast, gives me the heebie-geebies and makes me literally shiver in fear ...yes, even as I write this.

First off, I must tell you to bear with me because of the seemingly convoluted way I tell the story. This may sound like disjointed rambling, but it eventually pulls together. So, here goes:

No, on second thought, I'll stew on this a bit and...perhaps in a day or two I'll post the rest.


  1. Go for it, rant away...we are patient, my friend

    1. You'll have to be VERY patient. Not sure it'll make sense....not even to me!

  2. We will wait as long as it takes. I think we all have stories. I try to keep the dirty laundry in the hamper, also.

    1. I still hope no one in the family will read it nor know what I'm talking about. Just don't need to start tongues wagging.


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