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Wednesday, January 13, 2016 goes

Okay I have it kinda sorta uber-sensitive/personal post to end all posts. goes:

It started one morning when Tom and I were snuggled up in bed prolonging the moment when we'd have to get up and start another work day. Tom as usual was flicking through the hundred or so channels on TV for something interesting to watch before the first business call of the day prompted us out of our cozy nest. I was snuggled up to him so warm and comfy that I slipped in and out of sleep, so I wasn't paying much attention to anything on the TV. He stopped at a movie in which Jennifer Anistan—I know her voice anywhere-- picked up some guy at a bar and went to a sleazy hotel room with him even though she was married to someone else-- I believe he may have been married as well.

Well, all I could hear was a common love scene-- kissing, removing of clothing, heavy breathing, bed springs creaking-- until someone burst into their hotel room with a gun and evil on his mind. The guy was just there to rob them at first until he got the notion to have some “fun” with the woman. He struggled with the woman's would-be lover for a brief moment and knocked him out with the butt of the gun. Then he started raping the woman. Remember, I was not watching this, but the sounds of the man, the nasty things he said to her and her pleas for him to stop were awful that I started shaking.

Well, kinda hard to feel sorry for a cheating $#%@. Wouldn't have happened if she went home to her husband instead of...” Tom said. “Hey, you're shivering, are you that cold still?” Tom had finally noticed I was shaking uncontrollably and pulled me closer to him in an attempt to warm me up.

I didn't say anything, allowing him to assume I had been cold—mostly because I didn't know why I had such a strong reaction to something which I knew was fake, something I was not even watching. As always happens, Tom got bored and he switched the channel to sports or weather--don't remember which--and I finally calmed down and stopped shaking. That fifteen minute scene from the movie—just the sounds, recall I found it too disturbing to watch-- haunted me for several weeks after that, although I tried to force it out of my mind whenever it crept in. Yes, it was THAT upsetting.

 I didn't tell anyone, not even Tom, to whom I tell almost everything. It didn't make sense to me that something so silly would upset me so much. I knew the difference between real and Hollywood, after all. I constantly make fun of Hollywood for being so stupid, so why was this so upsetting? I couldn't figure it out.

I suppose it hit a nerve for a reason...I just didn't know what it was. Well, eventually the movie slipped further out of my mind during the holiday season mostly because I didn't get much of a chance to read my usual allotment of bad news which oddly enough, seemed to be the thing which kept bringing the movie to memory.

If you have not been hiding under a rock this past year, you should know that in the USA we are very much in the throes of a bitter political campaign, one to choose a future President of the United States POTUS, if you will. This is incredibly important to me because I care where this country is being lead.  What horrors are being done in Europe and how our present POTUS wants to bring that mess here to these shores, is truly unthinkable. so, you'll understand when I say here I am all... WTF!

I speak of the mass rioting, gang rapes, sexual assaults, sexual harassment and robberies going on in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and elsewhere in Europe by the so-called Syrian refugees. For a bunch of "Helpless widows and orphans" they do a heck of a lot of demanding and brutal acts. Sidebar-- it's actually a miracle we even know about these goings-on because the government/press across the pond --as well as our Lame-stream media here-- have been suppressing the brutal details for as long as they could get away with it, because it would “Give the wrong impression of these poor Muslim refugees. PC gone over the deep end to protect the people doing the hideous crimes.

Again I say “Are you fricken kidding me?” WTF!

On top of that lovely bit of news, I came across several articles about our former Rapist-in-chief Bill Clinton. In the story we learn BC--which oddly enough is the same initials for another sexual predator in the news lately, Bill Cosby. Go Figure!-- has a cozy little arrangement with a known and convicted pedophile—one billionaire Jeffery Epstein-- who provides his high ranking pals with underage girls for them to have sexual relations –supposedly including none other than Prince Andrew, famous law professor Alan Dershowitz , and many other politicians, actors and anybody with loads of money and a penchant for sick, depraved sexual appetites.

This is so disturbing. This story of young girls being used as sex slaves by older men in high power positions is revolting enough, but to then add that these same men and their conniving, power hungry wives—hello Hillary Clinton, the lying, manipulative POS who claims to want to empower women who have been raped and abused then turns around and slanders, threatens and harasses any woman who accuses her dear Hubby of sexual abuse. Hypocrite much?-- are also the exact same ones telling us we have to allow all these poor Muslim refugees” into our country, that we shouldn't worry that what is already happening in Europe will happen here. 

No, of course not. Why would they worry? They are protected by armed security 24/7 and they don't care that they will be unleashing a hoard of sexual perverted criminals on our peace loving populous. Oh, yes, the law abiding populous which is soon to be unarmed if Bo-Hussein has his gun-grabbing Fatwa-way.

I need not tell you I fear for this country, I fear for my kids—even though they are all grown—I fear for every woman, for every child, I fear even for every able bodied man. The shit will very soon hit the fan if very drastic things are not done to put things right and if the same old same old goes on... then what are we to do? So, you should see why the simulated rape on a movie and all these real rapes, assaults, killings and what-have-you all over the world are getting me a bit antsy, right? Only natural, I say.

So, I told Tom I want a gun of my own to protect myself and I want to go regularly go to practice shooting at our local shooting range (There are several around here) until I can shoot with dead-on accuracy. He has a few weapons for himself which he knows how to use properly, but I never had learned.

He laughed at me.

Are you really scared of anything happening to you here, in Bo-Dunk USA?” he asked. "You think I will let anything happen to you...EVER?"

"HELL yeah!" I said and I reminded him he was NOT always around and that though we may be rural, we are not that far from several major metropolis areas whose inhabitants can get here, straight to my house within a few hours with little trouble. The interstate system is great for that! He agreed, still insisting I was perfectly safe, but he said we would see to teaching me how to shoot properly. 

Well, these heavy thoughts are not far from my mind at any given moment of the day now, but I still wondered why the threat of rape was so frightening to me. I had never been abused as a child nor as a grown woman, so why???

Then I had a conversation with my mother over the holidays which includes family history/gossip, long forgotten relations, funny stories, who died, who is still alive and such and such. I listened to all this, absorbing some, instantly forgetting others and then I put those stories aside. I got home, got back in the swing of normal everyday life.... and when I least expected it, a memory flashed in my head, a memory I had successfully banished for decades. My Mother had mentioned a cousin of hers whom I had recently seen after not seeing her for several decades. We talked of her a bit and her family and that might have been the end of that except it triggered the memory.

I don't recall how young I was-- my guess was 13-15 years old and I was at a cousin's house —not the same cousin my mother spoke of but in a round-about way she was connected to this memory. I had come over to my uncle's with my father who was outside probably working on his car, and my father stayed outside talking with my uncle and I went inside the house to talk to my cousin, a female cousin. At that time she had a relation of her mother's living at her house and he was there with her. He was older than both of us and for some reason I thought he was kinda creepy although I didn't know why—just a vibe I got from him.

I was very shy then, very quiet and mostly kept to myself, which gave people the impression that I was conceited, that my stand-offish behavior was due to a sense of superiority. What a laugh! I was just an insecure kid who was afraid of nearly everything. Anyway, this guy knew I wasn't a chatterbox but still he was trying to talk to me, and though I was friendly enough and not completely ignoring him, he obviously wanted more. 

It's still a blur how it happened exactly but I remember I was talking to my cousin who might have been washing dishes at the time—memory is not clear--one moment and the next he lunged for me and I fought him back, pushed him physically off me and I reminded him-- not too loudly...wish I had screamed it!-- that my father and uncle were just outside and could be inside at any moment, so he better not try that again or there would be trouble.

I don't recall what he did or said after that, but I was shaking from head-to-toe and totally pissed off! How dare he! I Never gave him any encouragement. He never touched me again-- believe me I didn't give him the chance! If he was in the room, I left. Never was I stupid enough to get in that situation again--Yes, I know I was NOT alone the first time, but my little cousin obviously wasn't much of a deterrent. I was onto him and stayed as far removed from him as possible. Apparently my cousin who I believe witnessed the whole thing didn't think much of what he did to ever mention it to anyone--as far as I know--but that could possibly be because she was younger even than I was. Nothing was ever said of it—not between us nor to our families.

So, after I remembered all this it all seemed to make a bit of sense, at least this seemingly irrational fear I had which wasn't so irrational after all. I was attacked, or nearly so. No, he didn't hurt me, but had it been anywhere else, when nobody had been around...What if my guard had been down, or my Creep-alert was off or my little cousin had NOT been around, what if I could NOT push him away, what if my father and uncle had NOT been there? I don't even want to think of it!

Too close for comfort, is all I say. 

To make matters worse, I heard several years later that this same guy had indeed done this same sort of thing to at least one another female relation of mine. He assaulted her while she was in the shower. Not sure what happened after one in my family was talking about it and I certainly was not wishing to be the one to bring it back to the forefront.

Pity that. If we had told  someone, anyone, might something have been done about the ass-wipe so he wouldn't, couldn't do the same to any other girls/women? Who knows?

I have no idea where that guy is now...or even if he is still alive. He could be in jail...I did hear something about drug dealing with his brothers, but not sure if he was involved...whatever. I don't want to know!

But the thing fits with everything else, doesn't it? The sexual predators currently rampaging all over the world. This is sickening and frightening that this is coming to our country too, with our willing accomplices in the White House turning a blind eye to reality.
So...He, the guy who tried to attack me--for lack of a better term-- is a Bill Clinton or Cosby... another serial sexual predator. At least he wasn't a powerful politician or famous actor.

And that is what we have to keep out of the Oval Office, because if his enabler wife gets in as Queen...excuse me I meant POTUS... no woman working in DC will be safe. No woman period will be safe because Hillary Clinton has been in lock-step with her former boss and will do all she can to continue his feckless policies which call for thousands upon thousands of Muslim refugees in, so we can be guaranteed to have Europe style horrors right here in our backyards. Heck, they've already apprehended several "harmless Syrian refugees" who were planning terrorist acts right here in Texas.

So, I repeat: If this power-hungry, media-controlling political couple -- Hill and Bill-- who doesn't know the truth if it were to slap them in the face gets in the White house NO WOMAN or child will be safe from that sexual predator beast of a man and his so-called wife--....don't for a minute believe that enabling her predator hubby is all she is guilty of doing. Not by a long shot. She scares me more than the guy who almost ….well, let's not go there.

Lock and load, folks. It's gonna be a bumpy year.


  1. Wow, Glory, no wonder you hesitated to relate this story. Residual, hidden memories are accessed for a reason sooner or later. You did well! Kudos to you for bringing UP this issue and the reasoning behind it.
    Stay safe, be careful, and yes, learn how to protect yourself. Absolutely. Just don't allow fear to command your life --being bold, and TELLING your story was the right thing to do. It may help others to understand themselves better too--and become proactive instead of living in fear. There ARE some very serious political issues out there--cannot the United States of America find BETTER political leaders? It seems not... ~R

    1. I was doing a final edit of this when I noticed I already got 37 views here. YIKES! This was weighing heavy on my mind and I was hoping getting it out would help. Yes, the reason to learn to protect myself is expressly to STOP living in fear. Thanks, Raymond. :)


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