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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Getting nuttier all the time

Tom always laughs when we pass a smoke shop while driving around. He tells me that there is a strict ban of kids under 18 NOT being allowed in those shops now, but back in the day when he was perhaps 6 or 7 years old, he often went for his mother to get cigarettes and he never had a problem getting them.

Same thing with liquor stores. His grandmother—who easily consumed 2/3 of a bottle of seagrams whiskey each day—often sent him to get her daily or weekly bottles of the Irish brew, again with no problem.

The store owners knew Tommy was there for his grandmother and being she was the liquor stores best customer, gosh-darn-it, he gave the bottles to Tommy and knew they would be safely sent home.

Now, if this happened in this current climate of ultra-caution to the point of no common sense, Tommy would probably be taken away from his family, sent to a JV home and the owners of those stores would be heavily fined and probably locked up in jail.

The most crazy thing is, they do this to protect the kids, right? They say this is to keep the kids from smoking and excessively drinking especially starting at a young age. Well, Tommy NEVER smoked and he drinks so rarely it’s hardly worth mentioning.

What a laugh, huh? This world has gone nuts and getting nuttier all the time.


  1. Apparently kids were more responsible back in those days ":)

  2. At least Tommy was. His brothers on the other hand, NOT so much.


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