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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Picking Flowers in winter

I suppose you are wondering what I've been about today...that is of course if you have nary a bit of work or amusement with which to occupy yourself or you actually care what I do all day long--not likely. In either case I shall tell you anyway, because...well, I must tell someone!

I have been picking flowers. Yes! in winter. I have placed them in this vase and the wonder of it all is they require no water to keep them fresh. Well, they are suspended in a perpetual state of being which cannot be called fresh, but all the better. No fuss, no bother and they shall stay this way indefinitely. What could be better?

No, I'm not vacationing in warmer climes where you may find flowers blooming in all months of the year, even the dead of winter such is now.

These are from my own garden in cold Pennsylvania...just standing there looking forlorn and an odd forlorn and lovely sort of way...a-hem.

No, they are not roses, nor daffy-dils, not gladiolus, nor Periwinkle nor coryopsis. They are simply the dried blossoms of my white Annabell Hydrangea--which by-the-by, I often get confused with the snowball viburnum...silly me!

So there you have it...picking flowers in can be done.

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