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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Simple thank you goes a long way

At the risk of someone telling me this is TMI, I wanted to say that I always thank Tommy after a good time and he in turn thanks me.

It's how we roll and how we like it.

Some might believe this to be thoroughly stupid, or ridiculous, but I always thought a simple thank you goes a long way. That is to say, one can never go wrong with stating that you appreciate whatever someone does for you.

Having said that, I wondered if other couples  do the same. That is to say just thanking each other for basic things we do for each other, whether it's holding a door open and changing the oil in the car for me or baking his favorite cookies and bringing them to him all warm from the oven with a cold glass of milk.

Case in point: Many moons ago when we first discovered Justin had autism and I needed to take him to CDD--Center for Developmental Disabilities in case you want to know-- for therapies and such, I would stay in the parents lounge. There I would silently sit while the other mothers spent their time bashing their husbands--in most cases their 2nd husbands*.  

This was as fascinating to me as it was disturbing. Here these women were telling exactly what they hated most about the men they chose to spend their lives with, whom they promised to love, honor and cherish, whom they chose to procreate with and who they likely would be divorcing** relatively soon.

Needless to say, I never joined in on this bashing. That's not to say Tommy is perfect. He's human so no way of that happening! But I wasn't about to share that sort of thing with these women. Women whom I barely knew, who had so little respect for their own mates for life that I knew they wouldn't have any scruple about anything else, least of all keeping my secrets secret. Besides, I couldn't think it mattered a wit to them anyway.

I very much doubt they bothered doing anything for their guys and their guys probably didn't bother doing anything for them, not without a lot of nagging. Rather sad, I say.

I do so pity them and I wish they could listen to me when I say a simple thank you can go a long way...much further than bashing and belittling.

*Which made perfect sense to me.
** If I was any sort of judge of such things. 


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