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Friday, March 25, 2016

Best Prom night ever

Most people remember their prom night as a special night...for various reasons. It may have been the first real grownup party they attended, first time dressing up, first time dating, first time out without their parents or their real “first time”.

I wouldn't know any of that, however. I never got to go to my prom, because my parents wouldn't allow it. No need to go into the whys of that. Tom, on the other hand, did go, although he didn't want to. His mother forced him to go as a right of passage he would regret if he didn't do. 

So he got the stupid tux, got a flower for his lapel, got the corsage and oh, yes, he got a date, supposedly with one of the best looking girls at his high school. Odd thing was, he didn't much like her (So he says) mainly because she was a real piece-o-work, but also because she was not his “flavor” which meant she was flat, blonde with no curves and just know... anything like me. (Ahem, this is not is reality).

So, on the night of prom he picked up his date—her name was Mary-Lyn-- not to be confused with Marilyn which she hated and would pout and shout if anyone dared call her that-- and off they went in Tom's nifty silver satellite. In case you don't know what that is, it's a muscle car of sorts and looked pretty darn good for a 17 year old's first ride-- of course that was before Tom wrecked it. More on that story some other time.

Tom was tooling along down William Floyd Parkway with Mary-Lyn riding shotgun, when a car cut him off and the only way out of a total wreck was slamming on his breaks so hard that it made his car spin somewhat out of control. It spun a full 360 degrees and stopped exactly next to the offending car at the next traffic light. Mary-Lyn had literally bounced around the car—no, nobody wore seat belts back then-- squealing like a battered little pig and Tom, who enjoyed the ride immensely, pretended everything was perfectly normal.

Tom!” she shouted.

What?” he said.

Of course, he never heard the end of it from the little pig--I mean Mary-Lyn-- who did not see the humor in almost dying on prom night, but Tom still tells the story as if it was the best prom night ever--actually, he said that was the high point which boded ill for the rest of the night.

He does add as an after thought that he might have had an even better time had he left Mary-Lyn home and had taken me instead. Pity we didn't know each other then. I, at least, would have made the rest of the night even more unforgettable.
Hey, mind outta the gutter! I'm just that cute and compelling.

Now, my question is, can any of you top that story for the best prom night ever?

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