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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How to deal with a bully, old world style

Back when I was in school, there were bullies. I'm quite certain there were bullies for all times previous —even though I was not alive to witness it. Want to know something else? There will always be bullies, no matter what is done to try to stop it. It is just a fact of life that there will always be those who will try to intimidate and bully the weaker amongst us and they will continue to do so until someone stops them. Every dictator, every king, every power-hungry human, every politician with world domination on the brain has/had been a bully or has the potential to be a one.

Once upon a time Tommy was the victim of a bully. He was new to the school and unbeknownst to him there was one kid—a senior-- who went around putting everyone he could into a stranglehold/headlock and he wouldn't let go until he felt like letting go. What did he want? Abject humiliation, lunch money...who knows. Thing was no one ever stopped him so he was free to keep doing it.

Well, one day this bully got a tad more than he bargained for when he tried this with Tommy-- the new kid in school who did NOT know this kid from Adam. Although Tommy was only in 9th grade he was already 6 foot tall. That, however, did not stop the smaller bully who got a jump on Tommy and grabbed his head. Tommy was not having any of that, however. He leaned back and pushed the bully into a trophy case when the kid would not let go.

Well, it was not pretty. Tommy managed to escape unharmed but the bully got cut up rather badly, requiring several dozen stitches. The school authorities were not thrilled with Tommy for destroying school property and starting a fight. Yes, he was the one who got in trouble, although to hear the kids cheering when the bully went down, you'd think the school officials would understand who the real bully was.

After all was said and done, the important thing was the bully never bullied again. Someone had stood up to him and he lost big time. He was changed forever and not just because he probably have scars for the rest of his life to remind him what happens when you wish to be such a dirtbag.

Odd thing is, there is a great push for bully awareness nowadays and yet there is more bullying than ever before in schools. Why???

I'm of the opinion that all this progressive/liberal/mamby-pamby stuff going on in school nowadays to bring bullying to the forefront so as to eliminate it, has done nothing more than make things worse. When you blame fighting on both parties, the bully who likely started this and the one defending him/herself, then there is no true justice, no shaming, no blaming and no punishing the true bully. Bullies have gone underground, you see, where it is infinitely harder to get rid of them. Or rather, everyone is considered a bully unless they do nothing to defend themselves. So we have kids killing themselves because they can't take the bullying or the exact opposite, they bring a gun to school and shoot everyone. Where is the sense in that???

What is needed is school officials getting the hell out of the way and more people united standing up and fighting the bullies of the world, but will this be allowed? Not likely. If you think talking, speeches, lectures, pamphlets and that silly nonsense is going to stop bullies, you're a new kinda naive.

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