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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Never dating again

Tom and I were watching a movie called “He's just not that into you” and you know what we learned from it? That we NEVER want to date again! That is to say, if the people in that movie are indicative of who is out there to date, then NO WAY we want that kinda crazy in our lives.

Don't know if you've seen that film, but DANG! There may never have been a film so chock full of ridiculous characters; no bigger bunch of whiny, needy, self indulgent, pathetic, clueless, delusional whackos... and mostly female to my utter shame.

There was a star filled cast: Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Scarlet Johannson, Drew Barrymore and a half dozen other actors who are familiar but whose names I have never cared enough to learn. 

These characters are all in various stages of relationship hell and seemingly know nothing of how to get out of this, or make better choices. If these are the kinds of people out there for dating purposes, it's no wonder the number of folks getting married has declined. I certainly don't blame men for not wanting to hitch their wagon to ten kinds of crazy –as displayed by this film.

Case in point, there was one woman who was so desperate for a love connection that she invented them. Out for drinks with a friend she would start talking to some random stranger and by the end of said conversation she would be picking out wedding venues. Like REALLY??? How about a second date before trying on wedding dresses?

One conversation with a dude on the prowl --yes, even I know most men are out on the prowl so why don't these much more worldly women know this too???---perhaps a few forced laughs, some flirting and a casual “Give me a call” does not a magic connection make! But to hear this woman agonize over every tiny little detail about that encounter –the way he looked at her, the jokes he told, what exact words he used, how he touched her hand/arm/face-- was simply too painful to watch. Could you be more pathetic???

The men in this film are infinitely worse...okay, maybe not but they were bad enough...unfaithful, deceitful, unfeeling, womanizing creeps, or wimpy lapdogs literally begging for scraps. Certainly not my cuppa tea.

Tom and I just shook our heads in wonder and we decided that it would be best if we just stayed together, cuz the alternative is just too scary.

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  1. "Out for drinks with a friend she would start talking to some random stranger and by the end of said conversation she would be picking out wedding venues"

    I know this woman.

  2. I decided never to "date" again in 1986 and have held to it ever since with only a few misgivings.

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