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Friday, April 1, 2016

A bit of altering

I recently did a bit of altering. No, not of my personality or anything like that. Something much more easy to do. I'm talking about the altering of a lacy top which was given to me by a friend a few years ago. I wore it once as soon as I got it and it was a bit tight even then, but then I tried it on again recently--after gaining weight, blast it!-- and it was VERY tight, so tight that I would not wear it again unless I lose some weight.

Now I had two choices: I could give it away to someone or I could alter it so it fit*. Only thing do you alter a lacy top like this?

Then I recalled a blog post from a sewing blog I saw about a woman who had the same problem with a tunic which was several sizes too small, so it would never fit unless she did something drastic and creative. What she did was make an insert called a gusset with a contrasting fabric and she sewed it on either side of the top. It worked well for her so why not with my lacy application?

Well, I couldn't see a fabric insert working but I could see a crocheted insert and that is exactly what I did using some crochet thread in a similar color**. 

I used a shell stitch, but the first try did not work out. Without being too technical I didn't make enough foundation stitches to make it work the full length so as to fit the other side. 

So I took it apart again and  redid it with a more simple design, blocks of 4 triple crochets and chain 3--very easy and it blended well with the lace of the top-- much better actually  than the shell stitch.

 By gosh by golly I love the look and it fits like a dream!

 *Yes, there is a third option of losing weight, but since when is that a likely thing to happen?

**The top is cream colored and the thread is Ecru so it's close enough that most people wouldn't even notice and so what if they did? I would not care.

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