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Friday, April 22, 2016

Himalayan Blue Poppy Bedlum

So, there we were planning a trip to Longwood gardens* when Tom gets an email update.

It stated thusly:
Come see the rare and beautiful Himalayan Blue Poppies! They are in bloom RIGHT NOW! They only bloom for 2 weeks so DON'T MISS THEM!**

I thought that was rather weird. Not because these are rather rare flowers to see, but because I had already seen them almost every year for the past ten years so I didn't understand what the big holla-baloo was about them this year.

Every volunteer at the garden that day at the ticket gate, on the grounds and in the conservatory kept telling us, “Have you seen the Blue Himalayan poppies yet? You gotta go see them! They only bloom for 2 weeks! Hurry, hurry!”

What the heck, huh? Himalayan Blue Poppy Bedlum, I tell ya! But why????

Maybe they have lots more than the one or two that they usually have,” Tom suggested.

Well, that would truly be something to see! That must be it, I thought, and therefore I did become rather excited to see a field of these wonderful, tall, beautiful, sky-blue blossoms. After all, Longwood is famous for their extravagant orchid and lily displays so why not Himalayan Blue Poppies?

Heck yeah, I was all set for that! 

Well, talk about a let-down of epic proportions. Okay, they were still very pretty, but there were only a handful at best--not even twenty all together-- and they looked rather bedraggled.  I'm positive it was because they made such a big deal about them. Had they let people discover them on their own they would not have been nearly trampled on and sadly faded. Yes, I was quite annoyed. I liked it much better when I was the ONLY one who knew how special these lovely flowers are.

I have no use for this crazy Himalayan Blue Poppy Bedlum. People ruin everything... even Himalayan Blue Poppies!

*We got an annual pass this year with the intent of going at least once a month this entire year. We've already been three times so we're doing well so far. We'll see if we manage this as the year goes on.

**Really, they were adamant we go see them!

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