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Friday, April 8, 2016

How many does it take?

Without my knowing that March 30 was the anniversary of the day in which President Ronald Reagan got shot, on that day I had been wondering how many secret service agents our current president has protecting him. Not for any nefarious reasons, mind you...just idol curiosity.

I realize it would be rather dumb if this number were a matter of public record—for the safety of all involved of course!--, but I also realized that this little fact wouldn't mean that it wasn't available. I can't expect the government to actually do something smart, now can I? So, I did goggle it and as I suspected, it varies, so there is no set number. I figured as much.

So, there I was thinking of JFK when he got blown away, the poor fellow, and I wonder how many people had been protecting him at the time of his demise. Had that number increased after Johnson was the POTUS?

An attempt was also made on Ford's life. I know that it is very likely that those attempts are simply the ones we know about. I'm sure there is some loony out there plotting assassinations all the time --and not just on public official-- and surely some attempts are kept hush-hush. Why worry—or delight, if it is a particularly unpopular prez-- the masses unnecessarily, after all.

Reagan was shot 35 years ago, a rather long time ago. I remember it well. I was on the phone—a very rare thing for me to do-- with a friend who didn't wish to remain only a friend and he said, “Good, I don't like him.” Which I thought was rather mean.

Ah, well... I suppose the true answer is as many as they deem appropriate for the occasion, which is a fine enough answer to be going on with.


  1. Your idle curiosity does do curious things, Glory, no doubt about it. Here's the correct answer, 'they will do as they wish and hope it's enough.'

  2. Indeed, I believe you are right.

  3. Indeed, I believe you are right.


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