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Friday, April 29, 2016

Prior life as a depression era house wife

It seems I may have had a prior life as a depression era housewife. How do I know this?
Because I simply am unable--or perhaps unwilling-- to throw away ANYTHING.

Perhaps I exaggerate...but not by much. 

Case in point: My new Sewing machine cover.

I don't suppose you can tell where I got it. I can say it was NOT a store. Heck no. I made it...but out of what you may ask. There's the trick. It was an old ski jacket which was torn to pieces so that it was totally useless....that is until I worked my depression era house wife magic and...

Well, It worked out great. The thick quilting made a nice cover to protect my sewing machine from all the dust it collects when I forget how much I like to sew and it sits there unused.

Now my sewing machine might last for another twenty years. Seriously, That's how old it is. I just told you I DON'T throw anything away. Didn't you believe me???


  1. It was once said that if depression era persons refuse to toss something out, put it away and don't use it for seven years, they will need it in the next seven years and can re-purpose it at the time of the next depression era. Your post establishes the veracity of this valuable advice ":D

  2. Well, I don't think I had the ski jacket fabric for 7 years, but it worked out for me!


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