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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When the power of your green thumb is too great to contain

What happens when you cannot control your super power? Well, depends on the super power I guess.

Mine is my super-duper green thumb and its ability to make things grow.

No, I just cannot stop the power of my green thumb to make things grow...even when I'm not trying to grow anything!

Case in point: French Pussy Willows. Here they are in a vase--an early spring ritual of clipping branches from a huge tree and setting them in water so their catkins, all fuzzy and cute, will come out inside the house to remind you that warm weather is coming and with it flowers and blooming trees and twittering birds and  such.

But what does my green thumb do? It makes the silly sticks take root! Now I have a half dozen potential French Pussy Willow trees to plant somewhere. My green thumb never fails.


  1. You must have TWO green thumbs. Since those Willows root easily, now add some apple scions to the water, they'll root too, with the hormones in the water ":)

  2. I could root just about anything in it, you're right!


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