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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Honeysuckle Hunting

Surely you've heard of duck hunting and rabbit hunting and ever deer hunting. But ever heard of honeysuckle hunting? Well, to be fair it's not really hunting...more like scavenging.

What it is is searching the garden—in my case a rather extensive garden-- in search of your stray honeysuckle plants. They pop up in the oddest, least likely places, so that is why it's close to hunting... they tend to be crafty at hiding.

What do I do with them once I find them, you may be asking? Do I shoot them? Heck no! Do I hang them up in my den and show them off as a trophy? Geeze-Louise, no!

All I do is search for them and then....I dig them up. After all, they are rather apt to sprout where I do NOT want them to grow, so I dig them up and place them in a new home. Hopefully I already have a spot picked out for them...all of them. I often find more than I can find homes for.

Last summer was the last time I went hunting for honeysuckle and I found without much trouble at all, several dozen. It was a good thing Tom wanted a hedge along the back of the rental home we own. It was about 70 feet long and I planted the honeysuckle bushes—some of them no bigger than my foot and others over a Glory high-- two Glory paces apart.

I checked on it this spring and remarkably most of them lived through the hot, dry summer, the cool-ish autumn and the mild-ish winter too. That was the reason for honeysuckle hunting this fill up the spots where they did NOT live.

It went quite well. I could not believe I could find so many more Honeysuckle seedlings after such an extensive search last summer, but there ya go! They do know how to hide. 

Rabbits, duck and deer could take lessons!

©2016 Glory Lennon All Rights Reserved  

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