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Friday, May 6, 2016

What else you find while Honeysuckle hunting

 Recall if you will, when I told you about honeysuckle hunting. That should NOT be too difficult as it was just the other day.
Peony tagalong

Well, at times, while honeysuckle hunting I tend to find other things...usually tangled up with the honeysuckle...roots like to intermingle, you know.

Hosta hitchhiker

So what did I find? Did you get a look at the photos? 
Wee maple sapling

There's your first clue!


Yes, a tiny peony, a wandering hosta, a daffy-dil, a wee maple sapling and a shy little violet. 

Voyer Violet
No need to worry...they each got their own new home. 
~Sigh~ This honeysuckle hunting can be interesting.

©2016 Glory Lennon All Rights Reserved  


  1. You are a genuine gardener, the keeper of the tiniest plants which will grow to magnificence under the care of your green thumb. Great job! ":)

  2. I feel so bad NOT planting them after they took it upon themselves to germinate and grow. I just have to give them a chance! :)


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