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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I love Cabella's and here is why

Whenever I get the chance I like to go to Cabella's outfitters stores. We only know of one about  two hours away from home so we can't go often, but whenever we are close we like to stop by and spend an hour or two looking around. It's just a wonderful and amazing place!

I know it's weird for me to like it so much when I am neither a fisherman, hunter, sportswoman or camping enthusiast.

But I am most fervently a person who appreciates and reveres animals in the wild.

I can hear some of you saying, "What's to appreciate? The animals are all dead at Cabella's! Why don't ya go see them alive at a zoo instead?" a point. The animals are very much dead at Cabella's but...

they are featured in such lively poses, in somewhat natural settings--great facsimiles thereof --that you get the feel of what they were like when they were alive. In many cases they are posed in active cool!

  I know I feel that at any moment they can come to life and attack. Yes, they look that real and alive!

Scares the heck out of me to think of it, but I love it. At a zoo, yes, you see the animals alive and apparently well, but most often than not, they are hiding, sleeping and otherwise not very thrilled to see you or do anything to entertain you. So, not much of a thrill.

Okay, it is a thrill when you see them in their true natural when we went to the last elk herd in Central Pennsylvania during mating season the elk were fighting, bugling at each other, gathering their harems together and VERY active. That was super cool! 

Where I live I see all sorts of animals; turkey, deer, eagles, fox, bear, oppossum, porcupines, coyote, bobcats, pheasant, rabbits, skunks, hawks and others...most alive, but some dead on the side of the road. 

Only thing is...not very many people get to live in a place like that where so much wildlife is ever present. Not many people can do that and even fewer get to see animals in their backyard. Cabella's is the next best way to seeing animals up close without the worry of injury to the animals or yourself. That is why I like Cabella's so much.

Yes, there is the proof of so many people hunting and killing, but most of the trophies are decades old. Those animals would be dead already and this way they are there to show us and our kids that they are things of beauty which should be held high as wonderful creatures we need to appreciate, protect and care for.

I truly think Cabella's and other places like that serve to teach us this--the National Museum of Natural History comes to mind for their own extensive displays of wild animals.

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