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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Clematis Time

It is Clematis time again...and it's rather spectacular this year. 
White Clematis

Wanna see? Sure you do....

Nelly Moser clematis pale pink with darker pink center stripe.

Maroon red clematis.

Dark purple clematis.

Pale lavender clematis.

One clematis--my favorite Comtess De Bouchand, a sad thing indeed-- seems to have died over winter, but overall most of my clematis vines are looking nice this year.


  1. Spectacular flowers. Our clematis freezes down and grows from the roots every year ":)

    1. Some of mine get nipped by rabbits! But the others I have surrounded by daylilies si it's hard for anything to nibble at them. You know what they say for clematis vines, keep their roots in the shade--provided by the daylilies-and their heads in the sun. They love it! Plus the dayliles may provide a tiny bit of shelter from cold and wind.


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