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Friday, June 10, 2016

Penn State Summer Games 2016

The first week of June we went to Penn State for Summer games. That includes Track and field, bowling, equestrian, golf, tennis, basketball, softball and...

aquatics...that is to say swimming.
Justin with his Area P Swim team spent most of the time on the first day...

Waiting, but there was also...

Fun at Opening ceremonies...although it was loud enough for Justin to use ear plugs.

Next day was the real fun though. Justin and John got 4th and first place respectively in the 200m freestyle.

Joe got gold...goofy boy.

Justin waits patiently for his turn at the pool.

Justin and Nicole both got bronze but for different events, but no matter...we dubbed them the bronze twins!

 Nicole also got silver, YAY!

Justin was just as thrilled to get bronze for this event...

as he was to get 7th place for this one. He just likes swimming! He's already making plans to come back to Penn State for 2017 summer games.

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