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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Gardening in November...Yes, NOVEMBER!

 I have never done any gardening to speak of in November before this year, but this year has been rather topsy-turvy in nearly every respect so... yes, I did a whole day of gardening yesterday.

I will tell you what I did on this rather warm-ish day...I think it got up to 65℉, but with the sun shining it felt much warmer to me which is always good.

So on this lovely autumn day I did some much needed and neglected weeding of the Juniper hill. This is on the upside of the driveway so it's the first thing to be seen by drivers-by so I should have fixed this up long ago back in spring to make it look at least decent if not perfect, but other things got in the way...what else is new?

I searched for a photo of the juniper hill but could not find one and I wasn't even thinking of posting about it , so it didn't occur to me to take any yesterday so...this photo of Ajuga "Blue Carpet" --another low-growing ground cover-- will have to do for now.

There! I found one--after a long second search through all my garden photos, all 20 million of them. Okay, it's not the "Blue Rug" Junipers (Juniperus Horizontalis to be technical and botanically correct) which I was snipping off the driveway--yes, they were growing beyond their boundary of the hill for about 3 feet out which would get in the way of the snow plow come winter snow--but it's a Juniper just the same...I believe a "Compactus Procumben" named "Nana".

It wasn't all bad though. I found that the little darlings had rooted in the soil, mulch and other debris which accumulated in the water run off ditch we have along the driveway. 3-5 feet long these plants were and healthy and ready to be transplanted elsewhere, which is exactly what I did.

If all goes well I will have another Juniper planting although not on a hill this time. I planted 2-3 dozen rooted cuttings along the workshop which will look rather nice I do believe. We'll see come spring if they took to their new home.


  1. Wow...nice! Now you can take some of those little junipers and make bonsai! Compactus Procumben named 'Nana' makes excellent bonsai specimens. ":)

    1. Pity you didn't tell me that BEFORE I planted them, although most of them were way too big already, 3-4 feet long! Not bonsai size.LOL I even had some tiny ones which would have been perfect, 3 inches tall at most. Ah, well, I'm sure I will find more by this time next year,


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