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Thursday, November 10, 2016

What I love about seeds

Just a few of my pilfered seeds-- you do recall that's my favorite past-time, right?
I thought I'd tell you what I love so much about seeds. What's so great about them??? Really, what is there NOT to love about seeds? They are cheap, you can find them literally ANYWHERE and they are so much fun to collect!
Catmint seeds are tiny

True some can be so small--powder-like even as in foxglove seeds!-- they are difficult to deal with and others may be hard to get to germinate, but usually you can find a way around the reluctant ones--overnight soaking in warm water being one easy way to do it.

But I digress...
Morning Glory seeds

You see, I was watering my house plants and I found one in an empty bedroom--it used to be Brandon's bedroom but is now a guest bedroom which doubles as Justin's storage space for seasonal stuff, like Halloween costumes, swim gear, exercise stuff and Holiday decorations.

Only have a million hibiscus seeds!
 I brought this plant in from its summer home on the front porch and this room had a nice large sunny window for its winter home so...made sense to place it there.
Wait, what's this? Tree of some sort...I think

Well, this plant --a Hawaiian Wedding vine which seems infinitely stunted and never has bloomed in all the years I've had it, blast it all!-- was the perfect place, or so I thought back in spring, to try out the love-in-the-puff vine seeds. I found a few stray seeds and stuck them in the same pot and don't you know, the Love-in-a-puff vine took off like a to speak.

In reality it never left the pot, although to tell the truth it might have reached 12-15 feet--2-3 Glories for those of you using the Glory scale-- had it had something other than the Hawaiian wedding vine to climb up on.It grew on the Hawaiian Vine and the Honeysuckle vine which grew up and over the railing of the porch, but more importantly it produced its tiny, rather insignificant white flowers which a bees or two pollinated so obligingly and therefore gave me the desirable puffs...each puff bearing on average 3 seeds.
Why, yes, I do have a lot of seeds...want some?

So, you see, the few seeds I had to plant grew a lovely delicate vine--several of them actually as each seed germinated just fine, thank you very much-- and now I have...well, I can't count that high! All right, I could if I wanted to but I just don't!Now next year I can grow these pretty vines anywhere I like... hanging baskets, entwined with morning Glories, climbing up the Hollyhocks or just about anywhere I fancy!

So, there ya have it...good enough reasons to love seeds, am I right?


  1. Seeds are a miracle, no less than amazing. They express hope for the future. That's what I like about seeds. Besides, all plants are beautiful! Great post, Glory ":)

    1. Thank you, Mr. Raymond. Hey I almost forgot! I owe you some trumpet vine seeds. DOn't let me forget to get them to you before spring comes around.


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