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Friday, November 4, 2016

What's good about Beech trees

Want to know what's particularly good about Beech trees?

Whaddaya mean you don't give a rip?!?!?

Well, I'm going to tell you anyway, so if you really don't want to know...stick your head in the for Socialists after all.

So, the beech tree... awesome! Oh, yes they are. True, they are deathly slow growers-- perhaps that is a good thing for those gardeners who want a tree which will live beyond the great-great-grandchildren and stay small-ish in their lifetime. There may be people like don't know!

My beech tree is about twenty-five years old and half the size of a pin oak tree we planted ten years after that and one third the size of the hybrid willow we planted five years ago. We're talking glacier-like slow...for trees that is. 

Anyway, beech trees are some of the last ones to leaf out in spring, which could be frustrating, but they are also nearly the last one to lose its leaves ...which is a great thing.

You go out right now and take a walk into the woods and you're likely to see a few million trees with no leaves left at all--those are most likely sugar maples. Brilliant while leaves are turning colors, but that lasts only a blink of an eye and then POOF! Red, orange and yellow foliage on roads, lawns, fields and covering the forest floor, but not a one left on the tree! ~Sigh~ It's a sad sight indeed.

BUT! Then there is the Beech tree which takes a heck of a long time to turn color to begin with--not as brilliant a show as the sugar maple but nice just the same...a mellow type of yellow tinged in green until it changes fully to yellow. So, they stay yellow quite a while then slowly change to a dull brown. That's nothing new but...and here is the kicker...most if not all of the foliage stays on the tree until... the following spring.

YES, really! I'm astonished every spring when I go out looking for the early signs of growth, a tiny bud, a greening branch...anything! And I stare at this silly tree which refused to drop its leaves all winter long.

Blimey! Talk about stubborn. I like it though! That is why I like beech trees. They are unique that way--very much so-- and that is always a good thing.

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  1. Well, real life is a Beech...tree in the back yard...beautiful. Reportedly they will even grow well in the back yard of Socialists ":D


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