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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Falling in Love with DoTERRA essential oils

I'm in love! No, no, no, not with another guy, so don't worry...I'm keeping Tommy.

I've recently discovered and I love them! 

While on vacation, I met these two lovely ladies, Peggy and Jeanie from Idaho--Idaho of all places! We meet people from all over when on vacation it seems-- and they introduced me to doTERRA essential oils. Well, first they asked me if I had any knowledge of essential oils, which I did NOT, but I did tell them I had a vast knowledge of herbs and medicinal plants, which as it turns out is precisely where essetial oils come from. Well duh! 

Then they asked if there were any health problems I wanted to address, which I would like help for and the first thing that popped into my head was hot flashes. I'm getting those hideous thing all the time now, 10-20 every day and night sweats are horrible, keeping me up most of the night! Well, they let me try some peppermint essential oil on the back of my neck and on the soles of my feet --yes, I thought it was weird to put that on my feet, too-- but it worked...extremely well, in fact. I didn't get a hot flash for nearly 24 hours! YAY!

I was stunned and instantly hooked. So I bought an introductory family health package which, to tell the truth, was pretty pricey but I'm so glad I did. It came with several 50ml vials of essential oils (eleven to be exact): Lavender, Lemon, peppermint, oregano, melaleuca (tea tree), frankincense--shockingly expensive but said to be a cure-all and the ladies told me when in question about which oil to use, use frankincense. 

The kit also included a few mixed blendings of oils to help with various ailments:  breathing--perfect for Tommy who wakes up gasping for air a few times each night, a mixture for balance--good for my volatile bi-polar daughter, a mixture for safe guarding the entire family against winter germs and viruses--for everybody who gets sick often--I'm giving this one to my mom, one mixture is for digestion problems which I'm giving to my son who always has an upset tummy and another mixture is for pain, aching muscles and the like. As an added bonus I also got a Deep Blue cream for sore muscles and aches and pains. It smells wonderful! Frankly, they all smell amazing!

This kit came with an infuser, too, and the first night I used it with the breathe oil mix Tommy slept through the night without much fussing as he usually does, trying to breathe and I wasn't as stuffy as usual from dry, winter air. Really I was so impressed.

Now I have a membership of sorts with doTERRA . I order whatever I like each month and I get discounts and a chance to try new oils and products. The more I buy the more discount I get and since I don't particularly want to make a profit from this, I was just going to offer to get things for my friends and family if they wanted to try it and I'd pass the discounts on to them as well. 

I thought once you use these oils you'll love them just as I do. You just need to try them for yourself to see how great they are. If you already are familiar with essential oils, by all means tell me what you do with them. I'm always willing to learn more than I already have learned about them. I appreciate any bit of knowledge you can give me. I'm thoroughly in love with these doTERRA essential oils now and want to try as many as I can and spread the word. 

I know so many people who could use a miracle cure/treatment for what ails them. From what little I have learned I think everyone should get Frankincense. Yes, the very same thing baby Jesus got for his birthday from one of the three wise men. It's very expensive, I won't lie, but it is good for so many things.

 In the meantime, I'm learning all sorts of things...if for no other reason than to make my house smell absolutely fantastic! It's fun and I am liking experimenting with these useful, all natural and health producing doTERRA essential oils.

Let me know if you'd like to try doTERRA essential oils. I'd be happy to get you exactly what you need and then you can tell me how you use them, how they work for you and what you think of doTERRA essential oils. 

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