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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Achy Breaky time

T'is a great time of year. It is spring and what do we love about spring? The garden! Oh, yes, so much to do in the garden ...snipping this, that and the other, transplanting, weeding, getting the garden ready for veggies, perennials and annuals. 

Only this is, it is also an achy-breaky time for my back. Ouch! I never hurt until AFTER I am done for the day, come inside and yikes! Why don't I ever hurt while working??? Don't  know.

I sit here writing this and oh, I wish I was in a hot bath with plenty of epsom salts and just stay there soaking until...oh, I dunno...til the cows come home? Yes, I'm that tired. 

What did I do all day to give me this bone tired feeling? What didn't I do!

Hostas in their new home under the Kwansan Cherry tree

#1- Transplanted several Hostas from the planter box, which needs repair, to a better place...under the Kwanzan Ornamental Cherry tree which never had much more than weeds growing under there, so this has to be better, right?
Plants to give away

#2- Dug out stuff to give to a friend: peonies, hostas, sedum, ladys mantle and 6 yellow twig dogwoods, 5 viburnum bushes, 4 Burning bushes, 3 honeysuckle bushes, 2 Ash tree saplings and a 1 trumpet vine.*

Where the Hummingbird vine used to be

#3- I needed to mulch where I placed the hosta and also where I dug out the bane of my existence --The never flowering Wisteria tree which reverted back to a vine...told about that thing MANY times--which left a HUGE hole, so I filled 3 carts full of mulch and lugged it all by my lonesome self and that ain't easy!

#4- I weeded the veggie garden so it's all ready for a top dressing of compost from the back-40 and for planting come June 1st-- our frost free date around here. By then my tomatoes, cukes, zukes, pumpkins and whatever else I have growing in the house should be ready to go out in their permanent summer homes.

It's getting there... little by little and I will be achy and breaky until winter comes again. Just get over it!

*Funny, in my head it sounded like the 12 days of Christmas.


  1. What? WE are still getting over an ice/sleet storm with 5" of 'snow' that is as hard as concrete...Thank you for sharing your spring ":)

    1. Heavens! That is dreadful! My friends from New Hampshire told us the same thing...that spring is far more advanced here than they have...still piles of snow! Guess I should NOT complain.

  2. Funny that you should mention Dogwood. I wonder if I can grow Dogwood on my balcony.

  3. You can probably grow anything if you truly want a point. In a great big tub you can grow even small trees, but this dogwood, the yellow twig I mentioned, is a shrub and not that remarkable on its own. It looks better in a large garden with other things to cover up the fact it has lackluster appeal for most of the year until winter when its yellow branches stand out and make for nice contrasting with other rust colored perennials.


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