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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Could things get any crazier

If you have been here at Glory's Garden long enough, you would know I don't always get to play around in my garden-- I know, shocking isn't it?-- and that I have to do--HORRORS-- office work. Well, as office work goes, it can be rather boring, tedious and hardly a  bit fun. Then there are times when it gets outright annoying, maddeningly stressful and utterly insane.

Case in point: Yesterday---oy, what a day.

Monday, April 2, 2018

April Fools Day---delayed by one

Oh, Mother nature, You are a cruel one with a wicked sense of humor, aren't you?

You had us fooled indeed. We thought we were in the clear. Heck, April's fool day was yesterday and it passed without any shenanigans further making us relax...fools indeed.

We spent a lovely day wandering the gardens, viewing the new pop-ups in the yard, the crocus, buds swelling, the daffodils and daylilies sprouting. We even grabbed a pair of clippers and did some much needed clipping of worrisome brambles and some branches to force indoors--Most likely a failed experiment as usual but we love to try, don't we?

It was a nice way to get a bit of much needed sun and some enjoyable exercise.

Ah, but that was yesterday. For what did we find upon arising this morning? Six, count them, S-I-X inches of snow and it is supposed to snow again tomorrow.


What can we expect from you, Dear Mother Nature, when you continually feel the need to flirt with that nasty little Jack Frost?

©2018 Glory Lennon All Rights Reserved