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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Could things get any crazier

If you have been here at Glory's Garden long enough, you would know I don't always get to play around in my garden-- I know, shocking isn't it?-- and that I have to do--HORRORS-- office work. Well, as office work goes, it can be rather boring, tedious and hardly a  bit fun. Then there are times when it gets outright annoying, maddeningly stressful and utterly insane.

Case in point: Yesterday---oy, what a day.

There has never to my recollection, been a day of more polorizing extremes in our office. First, while checking on past due invoices--some as late as six months-- we discovered one company was going out of business which would be a $8,000 loss for us. Yikes!

But wait...there's more! Yes, I know I sound like a info-mercial... You'll wish it was just that soon enough!

This very same company asked for MORE products. Their reasoning: We're still not quite out of business and this order could help keep us afloat. Can we have one more bit of credit? 

Are ya kidding me??? Do I look mental? NO!

Please pretty please, I'll give you my personal credit card. Please????

Oy...we'll think about it.

That was Number 1. Ready for Number 2? I thought so.

Tom gets a call from our bank:

Bank: Um, we just received a check for you. Are you sitting down?

Now, this would normally make us laugh, but that sounded rather ominous. 

She continued: It's from a "Payment Solution Company" whatever the heck that is and the amount on said check is

What the WHAT??? Who, why, where?

No idea.

Needless to say, we don't dare cash it nor even deposit it since we have no clue who would send this to us and for what. The bank must think we're money launderers or something! 

Geezes-Louise... can you imagine???

** Update on the check. It was, as suspected, a total scam. They emailed to ask if we received the payment for the pump blower package they ordered and that their accounting department made a mistake and could we just deposit the check and send them a refund. Yeah, sure...right after I kiss the moon and stuff it down my pants for safe keeping. I was NOT born yesterday.
©2018 Glory Lennon All Rights Reserved 

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