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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Be Grateful for the Little Things

There I was pushing the lawn mower and stopping every few steps to pick up branches from my late lamented Lombardi Poplars*. I stacked the sticks and twigs when it suddenly occurred to me we ought to be extremely grateful that the colonies won the Revolutionary War against the English Monarchy.

Now, I know there are dozens of reasons to be grateful for that--freedom being uppermost amongst them and not any less important is not having to make such a fuss over royal weddings, royal births, royal deaths or royal anything-- but there I was carrying a bundle of sticks to the compost pile and I found a brand new reason. Wanna know it? Of course you do!If we had not earned our freedom from England we would be walking around with an armful of twigs and branches and we'd have to call them FAGS. 


And let's not even think about taking a cigarette break and having a total stranger come up to you saying, "Might I bum a fag off you, Mate?"

Honestly, we dodged a bullet, didn't we?

Just goes to show, you gotta be grateful for the little things.

*I do hope you did not miss my sad excuse for an Ode to my Late Lamented Lombardi Poplars, but if you didn't miss much.

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