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Friday, May 25, 2018

Best Smelling time of year

I may have said this a dozen times already on this blog, but I'm willing to say it again and bore you all. Spring is the best smelling time of least it is in my garden.

What is making it smell so great? Load of things.

Lilacs are plentiful in  my yard--front, side, back yards, way down by the silo, in the back 40, in Tom's arboretum and even some by the workshop.

Honeysuckle is another big perfumer. There is a large hedge along the back yard fence and little volunteers tend to pop up everywhere else. I just found a not so little one hanging out and trying to \hide in with the lilacs...oy! Anybody want a baby honeysuckle shrub?

Lily-of-the-valley may be teeny- tiny but boy do they give off a fabulous scent. I have them popping up under trees, in garden beds and the little sneaks like to run into the walkways too.

Yoshino and the Kwanzan Ornamental Cherry trees are almost spent now, but their fragrance lingers in the air.

Nothing compares to the sweet smell of freshly cut grass. One of my all time favorites.

Honorable mention goes to other sweet smelling shrubs and trees: Quince, Mock orange, Jane Magnolia, azaleas, late blooming daffodils, Bradford pear and Cleveland pear trees.

T'is a great time of year to go out into the country and take a deep breath. I highly recommend it.

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