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Friday, June 15, 2018

Checking off things on the Garden to-do list

So... this is what I did today...checking off a lot of items on my never ending garden do-to list:

#1. Cut the grass on my swampy lawn with the riding tractor. It might not sound like much but I was so afraid of getting the darn thing suck in the muck, and yes, it was a real fear and very likely. I did as much of it as I could without getting suck, but a lot of it was not done...just too, too wet and not worth the risk.

#2. Dug out some wonderful soil out of my finished compost pile. I was again afraid of getting suck in the unforgiving wet yard so I filled the cart only  one third of the way to ensure it could make it up the hill.

#3. While in the back-40-- that's where I have the major compost piles-- I dug out a few daylilies which I was not aware I had back there anymore because I had dug them all out years ago to fill in the hill at the back of the pole barn. What I think happened is that when I dug out the plants the first time I must have left a few stray roots behind and in the ensuing years hence, they grew another plant. Pretty wild huh?

#4. I planted about a dozen shrubs by the work shop in an area which needed something so it didn't look so homely. I also planted a French Pussy Willow tree on top of a boulder which nobody could move--even with Tommy's toy-- so I made it a place for a tree.

#5. I taught Justin how to use the weed whacker...not sure he did it any better than I did, but it got him outside which is always good. 

#6. I had Justin help me remove a massive entanglement of unwanted shrubs.* It's so much easier to do with a strong somebody. In truth I could not budge the darn things at all on my own! Justin was such a great helper.

#7. I replanted an ornamental Yoshino cheery tree which was growing somewhere it did NOT belong, into Tom's arboretum. Not sure it will survive as I do not believe I got all the roots out--it was tangled with two maple trees and a honeysuckle bush, but finger's crossed.

#8. I filled up a large pot with the shredded papers from my office and then topped it off with the lovely soil from the compost pile. I get rid of the paper, use less soil and have a lighter pot. Win-win-win.

#9. I planted several little rooted cuttings I had on my kitchen window sill. Then I added a few sunflower and zinnia seeds. It may look nice some day...hopefully before Jack Frost comes back.

#10. I did very little office work today, but I still had a few phone calls to take care of. In between garden chores I managed to set up two shipments with Fed Ex Freight, make the packing lists for both and even made an invoice for one and ran the credit card to boot.

Needless to say, I'm thoroughly exhausted and need to chill for a bit. It took all the energy I had left in me to write all this! 

*Yes, I know. I plant shrubs in one place and remove them from another. The contradiction is insane, but necessary since they never plant themselves where I want them. They insist on growing where I don't want them!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Nests everywhere

Nests, nests everywhere... and loads of birdies too. I see the birds coming and going all over the yard and garden and not just for the seed I put out for them. The build their nests everywhere...I've stumbled upon them here and there.

Who you may ask are building all these nests and where are they?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

New Hedge in no time

Recall if you will, when I recently spoke to you about the virtues of the common Burning Bush aka Euonymus Alatus. Well, I figured since I liked it so much I should have more of them.

Why? Do you really have to ask? Just because, that's why.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Hidden Within

Burning bush...I'm sure everyone is familiar with this common garden plant. To look at it you wouldn't see much to recommend it. 

Nice little shrub...ho hum

That is to say, nothing special about it. Yes, it is green and holds its place, like so many other shrubs. So what?