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Friday, June 1, 2018

Hidden Within

Burning bush...I'm sure everyone is familiar with this common garden plant. To look at it you wouldn't see much to recommend it. 

Nice little shrub...ho hum

That is to say, nothing special about it. Yes, it is green and holds its place, like so many other shrubs. So what?

I disagree with that assessment of course. I like everything about it. In spring it is a lovely spring green, with oddly triangular twigs. It is great for the fact it is easy to propagate from cutting--literally just snap off a twig and stick it in moist soil and you've got another plant... if you're willing to wait a couple of weeks. 
Loads of berries

It turns a vibrant shade of red in autumn giving it its Burning bush name. It gets tiny red berries which birds love in winter when there is a lack of things to be gotten to eat. All in all the burning bush is rather nice to have around the garden. But you want to know what's extra nice about this one in particular in my front mixed shrub bed?

Can't miss that red color

It's what is hidden within...look very closely and you'll see it....
a nest. Now, that's what I call special.

They can hide them so well

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