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Friday, June 8, 2018

Nests everywhere

Nests, nests everywhere... and loads of birdies too. I see the birds coming and going all over the yard and garden and not just for the seed I put out for them. The build their nests everywhere...I've stumbled upon them here and there.

Who you may ask are building all these nests and where are they?

1. Titmouse was spotted coming and going into the Honeysuckle bush. I found the nest after the babies were hatched and gone.

2. There is a Cardinal nesting in the Burning bush. I took a photo of it just recently. I was wondering why it was always in the front bed.

3, Jane Saucer Magnolia is home to a hummingbird nest, but gosh knows I can't ever find it. They are so tiny and blend right into the tree branches so they are dreadfully hard to find. You may ask how I know it's there then. Well the evidence was on the ground just under the branches...teeny tiny egg shells. So cute!

4. There are robins nesting in the Arborvitae. I see them all the time in the tall shrubs.

5. All around Justin's pond there are a dozen or so red-wing black birds, noisy and overly protective and territorial. They must have several nests in the tall reeds around the pond.

6. Lately there has been a mating pair of geese over by Justin's pond which makes me think they may be thinking of building a nest or may have already done so. I just don't know where the nest might the tall cattail reeds or elsewhere? I just don't know. I know close to nothing about geese nesting rituals.

7. And then there is a little sparrow making a home for itself in the bird house on the porch. It may be the same little guy doing it each year. 

8. Purple Martins aka starling can be seen zooming in and go of the work shop. They even had a nest in the warehouse at one point, although I don't think they do anymore. We didn't really want them in there. But still we see lots of them, so they must be nesting somewhere on the property.

So many birds of all different kinds in my yard building nests and raising families. Amazing, don't you think?

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