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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

New Hedge in no time

Recall if you will, when I recently spoke to you about the virtues of the common Burning Bush aka Euonymus Alatus. Well, I figured since I liked it so much I should have more of them.

Why? Do you really have to ask? Just because, that's why.
Okay, okay...If you really need a reason, it's because I need some sort of hedge to discourage deer from entering my side yard. I thought I'd grow a nice thick hedge of Burning bushes along the fence. That might block the yard from view and perhaps out of sight out of mind theory might prevail. That's the plan anyway.

Only thing was, I didn't want to actually have to go to a bustling nursery and shell out big buck for a dozen or so plants. I had several well established Burning bush shrubs which would not be any the poorer for my snipping off a twig here or there...and so that is what I did.*

No, I would not call it a hedge yet...but one day it will be. I am patient.

* That is how I found the bird's nest complete with a trio of tiny eggs hiding in the shrub.

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