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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Why Tommy is Still Around

I often wondered why God had prevented Tommy from being killed. I knew it was God, that He had something planned for Tommy, I just didn’t quite know what it was until he told me a story.

You see, there were many a time when Tommy rightfully ought to have been snuffed out what with overpasses falling down narrowly missing him yet destroying the company van he had been driving, bridges falling down moments after he crossed, miraculously getting safely home from monster blizzards which had stranded hundreds of other motorists, and just barely getting away from a bullet from the Long Island Sniper* which broke through the window of his truck, whizzed passed his nose and went out the open driver side window.

That’s not to mention all his near misses as a renegade child; sword fighting with real steak knives with a younger brother, managing to escape being stung by hundreds of jelly fish, crossing busy 2-lane highways to and from elementary school on his own, surviving a catamaran outing during small craft warning on  Long Island Sound, and the usual mischief rambunctious kids often get into.

There had to be a reason after all for his surviving all that. Well, now I know and I’ll tell you all about it whether or not you want to know.

The other day Tom had been working in and around the Allentown area, making deliveries and pickups. Nothing unusual in that, except that at a very busy intersection, one in which pedestrians ought not be ever, no reason for them to be there and yet, there was an old man standing at a corner, looking confused and bewildered just watching the cars go by. Tom didn’t like the look of that, but he was on the other side of the road, as far from the man as you can get and going the opposite direction.

He saw that no one else was stopping to help the man so he made a left turn, turned around at a gas station and back down the road where he last saw the man who had never moved from the spot.

“Hey, how ya doing?” Tom asked. “Need some help?”

“Yes, I’m lost,” the man said.

“Do you know your address?” Tom asked.

The man gave the address which Tom put into his GPS.

“That’s just 3 minutes away. How about I bring you home?” Tom said and the man hopped in and Tom took him home.

When Tommy relayed this story to me I was aghast.

“Oh my gosh! What if you hadn’t stopped?” I shrieked. “It was maybe 20 minutes out of your busy life but you were definitely that man’s guardian angel for the day! Thank God you were there!”

Which got me to thinking… was it God’s plan all along?

In fact, when Tom missed getting stung by the swarm of a hundred jelly fish, his younger brother had not been so lucky and fell right in the middle of them an got stung all over his body, but lucky for David Tommy had been there to save him, pulling him out of the water and taking him back home where their mother took David to the hospital.

Then with the thrilling ride in the catamaran during small craft warning that ended up overturned and his best buddy was pinned under the sail. Had Tommy not been there to pull Steve out from under there and pulled him back to shore he would have drowned for certain.

There were other times Tommy saved complete strangers from minor and not so minor mishaps.

--The little boy who had been chasing a plastic bag at his harried mother’s beckoning in the supermarket parking and Tommy yanking the boy back just as a truck flew down the row of cars not even seeing the boy, passing right over the plastic bag, just missing the boy.

--The mentally challenged man whom Tommy had seen often walking down a certain winding, curvy and frankly dangerous dark road was stuck in a torrential rain and Tom offered him a ride back home. While talking to the man Tom discovered he always walked down to the bus stop and this particular night he had missed the bus because the Walmart in which he worked had kept him longer than usual. 

It was a good thing—though at the time Tom had NOT thought so—that he had been late getting home or he would have missed the chance to help the man out by taking him home.

Those were just two times Tommy told me about, but no doubt there are other times that simply went without telling. That could be why Tommy is still around…just to help out when God’s too busy with other things.

Nice thought, don’t you think?

*Wonder if the Long Island Sniper was ever caught.

©2019 Glory Lennon All Rights Reserved 


  1. Tommys are special. My Tom actually did die, before I met him. It happened during surgery, the doctor told him about his heart stopping. Recently, he could have when he blew a tire on a buy highway, going 70 mph. They are special.

  2. Wow, were lucky to still have them around.

  3. Thank you!!!
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