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All the world's a garden, you know, and we are mere flowers within it. Come, I'll show you!

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Glory Lennon lives in Greentown, PA in the United States with her husband and two of her four children.

An exceptionally bashful creature, Glory Lennon can only truly come out of her shell when no one's looking and even then you may not really get to know much about her. She would much rather listen to others talk than speak herself and much prefer to watch from the sidelines than get in on the action herself. 
Her true self, however, tends to leak out onto the page she's writing on, forms in the words she types, evolves in the characters she creates. Personal experience, observations and imagination inspire her in equal measure. These combined have allowed her to create her own fantasy world. A much better place to exist than the real world, she believes. 
If you want a sneak peek into her head, you can look around her garden. You can even ask a question. There's nothing saying she'll answer--if it's entirely too personal, she won't-- but she is basically an honest person.