Glory's Garden

All the world's a garden, you know, and we are mere flowers within it. Come, I'll show you!

Don't get any funny ideas!

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My Peeps!

All in the Family

I make no bones about it. My life is my family and my family is my life. All I do, I do for them, even if they don't see it that way. Any time they make me laugh, cry, sing, tease, dance and/or shout, it feels like a gift from God himself, and maybe it is! I'll let you know when any of those things happen. Be forewarned, they happen often! Want to meet the family? Sure you do!

Brandon, me holding baby Tyler, Justin with Tommy holding onto him and Alexis standing up

Alexis, Brandon, Justin, Tyler and Tommy At Disney world
Baby Justin
Alexis at Sea World

Baby Alexis
Brandon and Breezy Dog
Alexis and Tommy feeding ducks