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In the Craft Room

Make no mistake, I like to do other things that have absolutely nothing to do with gardening. They're just rare and done almost exclusively while watching TV, during winter and/or when the rain won't stop. Sewing, crocheting, knitting, quilting and needlepoint all take turns keeping me occupied when the garden sleeps or the weather is simply not amicable enough for me to be in it.

This is the first full size quilt I made. It was for Alexis, my daughter. As she was quite the night owl, I thought stars would be her thing. She wanted to become an astronomer  at the time and picked this twinkly star pattern. It was entirely pieced and quilted by hand. Took me about a year to complete, working on it 1-2 hours at night while watching TV and a few more during the winter months. It wasn't perfect, but it sure looked nice after it was done and it taught me a great deal about the entire quilting process. It was fun too, picking out all these fabrics in varying blue and yellow tones to form a scrappy quilt.

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